When I came to Annie’s fitness studio, I was walking with a cane, not moving much and discouraged about exercise thinking I had to “beat myself up” and having it leave me hurting. I felt angry and let down that my body had MS as I had always been so strong and healthy. Annie encouraged me to have a gentle and loving approach to my body. Annie encouraged me to listen to what my body is saying. She encouraged movement but not strain. The point is, we are born to move and our miraculous body’s respond in health and strength as we lovingly move it. It doesn’t need to be “punished” because we are too fat or flabby or some other abusive self talk that we participate in. It has truly been life changing with so many positive results to change my mind set from disgust and upset at my body to gentle love and gratitude for the gift of my body. It’s not about the weight number or appearance which is really more based on society’s fixation on only the young with some perceived body type are of any value, it’s about cherishing the God given gift of our bodies and out of gratitude and gentleness we move and we heal.
Anita Prosser, Wayzata

Annie, I just wanted to send a note to let you know how wonderful you are as a person and a personal trainer. I have learned so much from you and feel so much better. I am so thankful for winning the 1-hour session with you or I might not have met you. Thanks for being my personal trainer. Thanks for sticking with me during our journey in Afton. I’m so glad that I went and finished; that was a big achievement for me. Thanks to you. I have been a hospice nurse for 25 years and I have never done anything for me. I always am the giver. This really feels good. Thanks again, Annie, you’re great! I would recommend anyone to you. Thanks for agreeing to do this again. I’m forever grateful to you.
T. Anderson, South St. Paul

Annie is an awesome trainer who takes the time to get to know the goals of her clients and develops a program that will help ensure the person’s success. She makes it a priority to customize each workout for each client individually to optimize the client’s success. It is a pleasure working with Annie to reach my fitness goals.
Sherri, Woodbury

If you want a “Jillian experience,” don’t work with Annie! Over the course of a few months of working on resistance training with Annie, I learned how to relax, be better to myself, and become stronger. Somehow Annie was able to help me do what I had not been able to do before: make exercise and strength training part of a normal day. It feels good to be strong, and Annie showed me how to get there.
Susan Link

I love training with Annie. She is very encouraging and so good at adapting exercises to fit my limitations. When I started with her I was weak and had difficulty walking. She helped me get back on my feet and helped motivate me to keep working out. I am very grateful to her.
Diane Eriksen, Cottage Grove

I worked with Annie for 10 sessions twice a week over the summer and fall and was amazed at the results! She designed workouts that challenged me and allowed me to increase my strength, flexibility, and endurance levels in an encouraging, low-key and private environment. Each workout was unique, never boring or repetitious. Annie really listened to what I wanted and tailored the workouts to meet my needs respectful of my limitations. I recommend her to anybody who wants to achieve a healthier, fitter life-style. I am pleased that I have been able to maintain my new fitness levels on my own as a result of Annie’s excellent coaching.
KLP Cottage Grove

Thanks, Annie, for taking me on as a client. I feel fortunate to have been able to train with you for almost a year. I try to think back on those first couple of sessions, and I can’t believe I am the same person!! Your expertise in starting me off at my level, and continually challenging me (which I really didn’t always appreciate!!), has gotten me to where I am today, and I am so proud!! The fact that you are so willing to work around my schedule and your private sessions attracted me to you, but your skill and motivational enthusiasm kept me coming. As I do my sessions at home, I always hear your voice saying “Slow down” and “Are you being challenged?” Thank you for being such a great coach!!
Sandy, St. Paul Park

Annie, I wanted to say, Thanks for caring and for showing me exercising and being healthy can be fun. I now enjoy working out and when I find myself in a rush. I think of you saying, ” Slow Down!!” I will tell allmy friends and family about the wonderful personal trainer, I found.
Sue :0) Cottage Grove

I met my initial goal training with you, which was to fit into the red dress for my nephew’s wedding. Losing 30 pounds was one heck of an accomplishment, but something even more valuable came from training with you; I learned that I can live life healthier, which boosted my confidence in myself, and you gave me the tools to do so. I fell off of the wagon and gained 10 pounds recently, but I started working out again and eating right and am down 8 pounds. The old me (pre-training with you) would have given up when I saw the numbers go up on the scale, but what I keep in the back of my mind is I know I can do it and how great I feel doing it!
Laquisha O, Hastings

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