Introductory Training Special! Get a consultation and two 60 minute training sessions for just $99. Call 651-470-8060 or email to schedule.

Personal Training Rates

  • Consultation = $25
  • 30 Sessions with using a minimum of 4 sessions per month = $40 per hour
  • 10 Sessions = $45 per hour
  • 2-9 Sessions = $50 per hour
  • 1 Session = $55
Partner training is a great way to stay motivated! Just $35 an hour per person (two people only).


Annie’s AWESOME (Amazing Women Exercising Socially + Obtaining More Energy) Walking Group – Check out the Events page for details!


The opportunity to meet and discuss your health and fitness goals. I will determine a personalized approach to adding physical activity to match your lifestyle.

Training Sessions Include

  • Written strategy for your goals, including guidance on cardiovascular training
  • Timely follow-up to ensure you are working toward your goals
  • Each 65-minute training session begins with a 5 minute warm up, then stretching major muscles to prepare for resistance training. After resistance training, stretching for 5 minutes will help reduce muscle soreness.
  • Education concerning basic nutrition guidelines and encouragement to review daily eating habits for nutrition and portion size will be provided. If additional assistance regarding nutrition is required, referrals can be made to a registered dietician.

Benefits of Resistance Training

  • Increases metabolic rate – helps burn Calories even when you are inactive
  • Enhances body composition and physical appearance – prevents muscle loss that often accompanies the aging process
  • Improves bone density (decreases the chances of osteoporosis)
  • Decreases injury risk
  • Increases physical capacity — increases size and strength of muscle fibers
  • Improves posture
  • Improves mood and self-esteem

Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercise Training

  • Decreases body fat stores
  • Decreases clinical symptoms of anxiety, tension and depression
  • Helps reduce blood pressure
  • Helps prevent Type 2 diabetes
  • Increases HDL cholesterol
  • Decreases total cholesterol
  • Increases aerobic work capacity

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