Introductory Training Special!  Get a consultation and two 60-minute training sessions for just $99.  Call 651-470-8060 or email to schedule.

I’m Annie, a Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist. I enjoy training women of all fitness levels in my home fitness studio in Cottage Grove. Contact me for a free tour or schedule a fitness consultation.

Advantages to Training in My Studio

  • No Membership Dues
  • No Other Members
  • Total Privacy
  • Motivating Workouts
  • Reasonable Prices

My Training Philosophy

I encourage clients to focus on adding physical activity to their lifestyle instead of counting lost pounds. I try to teach my clients to focus on improvements in health such as reduced stress, feeling stronger, changes in clothing sizes, being consistent with activity and beginning to enjoy physical activity. We should love ourselves just as we are, including our flaws; forgive ourselves for how we got ourselves in the shape we are in now, make this the first day of the rest of our lives and get started on a healthier lifestyle. I encourage my clients to participate in outdoor activities and try new things so they can see that physical activity isn’t only about working out in a studio. Get out and play! Check out the “Events” page for upcoming events.

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